Bright Acres Farm Sugar House          Hampton, CT

Welcome to Bright Acres Farm!

Come to Bright Acres Farm on Saturday

March 16, 2019

for our 6th Annual Open House!

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Our maple syrup is made in the Quiet Corner town of Hampton, Connecticut. It all began in the 1980's with a kid boiling sap in foil roasting pans over a 55 gallon drum stove in the back yard. The process evolved through several homemade evaporators, to an antique Grimm evaporator in an old wood shed. In 2011, we built a post and beam sugar house and installed a new state of the art, energy efficient Leader Evaporator.

While we may be operating with the most to date technology, it still takes a lot of old fashioned hard work to produce maple syrup. Thankfully, our good friends, family and neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The tradition of making maple syrup began when Native Americans cut maples and collected sap. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup in a good year. Like fine wine the taste of syrup varies from one geographical location to another.

We hope you take pleasure in this local, sustainable, all natural product make from the bounty of the land. And remember, syrup isn't just for breakfast anymore!

Bright Acres Farm Sugar House

46 Old Kings Highway

Hampton, CT 06247